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Well, hello there!


So, you've decided to follow your passion of becoming a professional artist. BRAVO! Or, perhaps you're already working as one, and would love to venture into the world of art licensing. CONGRATS! As this is uplifting and exciting, it can also be scary and overwhelming. Working in this industry for as long as I have, over 15 years, I've learned so much...The ins & outs, the ups & downs. So many artists, such as myself, are fortunate enough to work in a home space/studio. While that's a blessing, it can also be isolating. I'm here to fix that! As your personal coach, friend, and fellow artist...I'll give you the tools and extra push you need...LET'S DO THIS! ~ Jennifer


Some potential topics to discuss:


1. Identifying your artistic strengths and weaknesses, from a commercial standpoint. 


2. Uncovering/discovering your desired style/brand. Establishing a heart & voice for your art.


3. Sourcing & utilizing trends without losing your identity.


4. Creating groups/collections. There are times this is more important than others.


5. Determining whether remaining solo, or finding an agent is the right fit for you. Where & how to go about this. 


6. Filling any potential gaps in your portfolio, so you appeal to a broader range of clients. 


7. Giving you a grasp on marketing tools...Social media, shows, etc. 


8. Helping you organize the chaos...We ALL have to START somewhere! 


Simply fill out the form below:


I'll be in touch ASAP to schedule your session. All sessions will last for one hour. The cost is $150, and is payable in advance via PayPal. You have the option of phone or Skype. Please, submit a link to your artwork/portfolio, along with any key points/concerns you'd like to discuss. I look forward to working with you...ONWARD & UPWARD! 

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