My Story


I've been an artist for well over 20 years. My artistic venues have varied, from designing cross-stitch books to illustrating the cover for, "The Army Ground Forces Band" CD. Currently, I paint, illustrate, and utilize Photoshop to create greeting cards, giftware, tabletop, book illustration, textiles, 3D products, home decor, logo design, and a variety of other products. When my parents decided to build their dream home, my love for creating art spilled over into home design. This passion totally took flight when I completely renovated my home from the ground up. My ability to understand color and space has allowed me to blend these two worlds. As with my art, I never know exactly how the project with end up, but that's the beautiful surprise of it all. It's my goal to use my mind to find your voice. We've got this! ~ Jennifer

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